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Ajax Web 2.0 Development What Web 2.0 means? Web 2.0 means – Second Generation web sites. If you need to deliver to your users or business a web experience that have a superior usability, information sharing and user interaction and collaboration capabilities it seems that AJAX and Web 2.0 technologies are the red pill that takes you to Wonderland.

Ajax Application

Ajax enables the creation of Rich Internet Applications. Ajax, or Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, is a combination of techniques (XHTML (or HTML), CSS, Document Object Model, JavaScript, and XMLHttpRequest) that involves dynamically placing an engine between the user and the server. Ajax applications transfer only XML-encoded data through the engine, Outsource Ajax Web Development rather than entire web pages. The most immediate benefit is that the approach appears to speed up web page interactions. Ajax applications look and act very similar to traditional desktop applications.

Ajax Web Development Benefits

The difference is in a more responsive interface, since the amount of data interchanged between the web browser and web server is vastly reduced. Web server processing time is also saved, since much of it is done on the client. Outsource Ajax Web Development Gmail, Google Suggest, or Google Maps are the best real life examples of Ajax implementation and benefits. These applications look and act very similar to traditional desktop applications without relying on browser-specific features.

Outsource Ajax Web Programming

We are known and prooved ourselve as offshore software development company having expertise in custom software development, web design india, web development, web programming, web designer, web developer, Web development projects outsourcing india and ecommerce web design solutions in india. Outsource Ajax Web Development provide Web Application Development & Programming Solutions to clients globally through our vast experince in PHP Programming and Ajax Programming.

Outsource Ajax Web Technology

Outsource Ajax Web Development worked on lots of projects which is mostly built with customize software development. One of product is AJAX Shopping cart. When user adds products in shopping cart it displays shopping cart information as per client requirement. So once no of products are added in cart, user can easily update the cart without bothering the reload of page using AJAX technology. We are given textbox with filled quantity and checkbox for selection of products. Outsource Ajax Web Development are also given remove and update buttons. Once user select any product and press remove button it will remove product from cart without refreshing whole page. Same as we did for updating of quantity.

AJAX Web Design Tips for Programmers

Tip 1 : Not all internet connections are very fast, some users may be using dial up connections. Try to keep footprint of client side code to lowest, so everybody can enjoy your site.

Tip 2 : Make sure all code is well tested and optimized to achieve performance. Call functions to server should retrieve only required data and nothing else, so unnecessary waste of bandwidth can be avoided.

Tip 3 : Different browsers has different capabilities and limitations. In order to maximize compatibility in AJAX web design evaluate all features keeping all browsers in mind.

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